Recreation Center


Main St. and Volunteer Dr.

Project Completion Date

Fall 2025

Rec Center Construction Cam

Projected Timeline*

Phases of the construction timeline for the recreation center

Architect/CMGC Selection: Winter 2022

Building Design: Spring 2023 - Fall 2023

Construction: September 2023 - Fall 2025

Projected Completion: Fall 2025

+CM/GC: Construction Manager / General Contractor
*Timeline as of December 2023. Subject to change.

Site Plan / External Rendering


What amenities will be included in this facility?

Although the facility is still being designed, it will contain these major elements:

  • Indoor & outdoor leisure pools
  • Competition pool
  • Senior Center
  • Multipurpose gyms
  • Fitness areas
  • Indoor track

How is the construction of this facility being funded?

The City's budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 is approved and the project has several funding sources including sales tax revenue, RAP program and impact fees. The budget also included a portion of funding from a property tax increase of $4.90 per month on the average home in Spanish Fork.

How much will my property taxes be increased for this new facility?

$4.90 per month on the average assessed/valued home. You will see the increase on the November 1, 2022 Property Tax Notice.

When can we expect this facility to be open to the public?

We will work efficiently through the design and construction phases. We anticipate completion in the fall of 2025.

Where is this facility going to be located?

We have identified the Sports Park on the corner of Main Street and Volunteer Drive as the location. It will provide beauty, accessibility, and shared space for our residents to enjoy while getting healthy together.

What will the admission costs be for the facility?

Studies are being done and fees will be consistent with current market values at the time the facility is opened.

Project Announcement Video