Canyon View Park

Parks and Facilities

Canyon View Park Amenities
Address 3300 East Powerhouse Road
Hours Dawn to Dusk (10 PM with a Pavilion Reservation April 1 thru September 30)
Pavilion Yes (3 Each Seats 100 Lighted Charcoal BBQ Gazebo)
Restroom Yes 2 (One Accessible)
Parking Yes (155 Stalls) Pond-25 North Side-29 Pavilion 1&2-60 Pavilion 3-41
Picnic Table Yes (10 at Each Pavilion 22 More Some with Charcoal BBQ)
Playground Yes (2) Ages 2-12 Large and Tot Swings Sand Box
Athletic Field Yes (1 Baseball 2 Volleyball (asphalt) 1 Volleyball (sand) & Open Fields)
Pond Yes ½ Acre
Walking Path No
Rules Hours 7:00 am to 10:00pm 
Dogs allowed on leash only
Clean up after your dog
Pavilion use by pre-paid reservation only
Park vehicles only in marked stalls
No driving on lawn
No swimming, wadding, or floating in pond
No alcohol, tobacco, or e-cigarettes
No golfing
Please be safe and keep the park clean
Park Map and Info