Library Card Sign Up
The library is a free service for those who live within the city limits. Non residents must pay a fee to use the library. All that wish to apply for a  library card must do so by the following guidelines:

  1. Be at least 5 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 must have an adult sign them up to use the library under the parent or guardian's account.
  2. Have a photo ID and show proof of residency (city bill, checkbook, other mail with current address).
Loan Periods
Books 21 days
Audio: Books on tape (10)
Books on CD (5)
21 days
Videos (VHS) (7) 7 days
DVDs/Blu-Rays (7) 7 days
Literacy Backpack (1) 7 days
Playaway View (1) 7 days
Periodicals (10) 21 days
CD Rom (2) 21 days
Music CD (8) 21 days
Overhead projector 1 day ($.50/night)
Slide projector 1 day ($2.00/night)
Kindle E-readers 21 days ($1.00 day)
Number in parentheses is the number of each type of item that can be checked out per account.
Non Resident Fees
Annual $40.00
Six-month $20.00
Late Fines and Other Fees
Book fines $0.10/day
Audio fines $0.25/day
DVD, Blu-ray & Video fines $0.50/day
CD Rom fines $1.00/day
Literacy Backpack fines $1.00/day
Playaway View fines $1.00/day
Printing $0.10/each
B&W Copying $0.10/copy
Color Copying $0.50/copy
Laminating $0.10/inch
Lost Items value of item
Damages varies
Replacement cards $2.00/card
Fax Machine $0.50/page
Interlibrary Loans $3.00/loan
Room/Patio Rental $25/day or $10/hour