Membership Info

Library Hours

Mon - Thurs: 10 am - 8 pm
Fri: 10 am - 6 pm
Sat: 10 am - 4 pm

Library Location

49 S Main St
Spanish Fork, UT 84660-2030
Phone: (801) 804-4480

Library Card Sign Up
The library is a free service for those who live within the city limits. Non-residents must pay a fee to use the library. All that wish to apply for a  library card must do so by the following guidelines:

  1. Be at least 5 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 must have an adult sign them up to use the library under the parent or guardian's account.
  2. Have a photo ID and show proof of residency (city bill or other mail with current address). 
Library Materials Information
Item TypeLoan PeriodsNumber that can be Checked Out
Books 21 days  Depends on number of other items checked out
Audio books 21 days 10 
Movies 7 days
Literacy Backpack 7 days
Playaway View 7 days
Periodicals 21 days 10 
Music CD 21 days  8
Kindle E-readers 21 days ($1.00 day) 1 per household 

Apply for a Library Card Online
Spanish Fork residents can now apply for a library account online! Residents without a library account can apply online to receive access to all of our digital content. The online application is for a temporary account, which will expire 3 months after activation. If you would like to continue your temporary account, you will need to come to the library and present a valid form of ID. If you already have a library account, you do not need to complete this application to access our digital content.

To apply for a library account, complete this application,

Non Resident Fees
Annual Fee $40.00
Six-month Fee $20.00
Late Fines and Other Fees
Book fines $0.10/day
Audio fines $0.25/day
Movie fines $0.50/day
Literacy Backpack fines $0.50/day
Playaway View fines $1.00/day
Printing $0.10/each
B&W Copying $0.10/copy
Color Copying $0.50/copy
Laminating $0.10/inch
Lost Items value of item
Replacement cards $2.00/card
Fax Machine $0.50/page
Interlibrary Loans $3.00/loan
Room/Patio Rental $25/day or $10/hour

Meeting Room/Patio Rental Policy
Approved by the Library Board on January 29, 2008

The Library has meeting rooms available for public use, which may be used during library hours. Arrangements must be made in advance of room use to ensure its availability. A rental-room agreement, provided by the library, must be completed prior to use of a room or the patio. Non-refundable fees for room or patio use are $10 per hour or $25 per day. Non-profit groups may use the rooms or patio at no cost.

Groups using the meeting rooms are required to vacate the rooms promptly if another group is scheduled for use of the room or upon closing time of the library.

Meeting rooms shall not be used by groups or individuals for illegal purposes or for purposes that would interfere with the operation of the library. Groups or individuals wishing to show copyrighted films or similar materials must first secure and preset to the library written permission to do so from the holder of the copyright, or must submit evidence that public performance rights for the materials have otherwise been granted.

The library does not provide storage for the property of groups or individuals using meeting rooms. The library will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property, including equipment, personal belongings, decorations, or other items owned by groups or individuals using the meeting rooms. Rulings of the City Fire Department as to room capacity, aisle space and other matters will be observed.

Neither the name nor the address of the library may be used as the official mailing address or headquarters of any individual or group using meeting rooms.

The individual who applies for the use of a meeting room will be responsible for discipline of those in attendance and for care of the room, furnishings, and equipment. The library will hold the applicant financially liable for any damage to library property which occurs during the meeting or program. The applicant is also responsible to leave the meeting area in a clean, orderly, condition. Failure to comply may result in denial of future use of meeting rooms for applicant and the group using meeting rooms.

Study rooms may also be used at no cost. These may be reserved as scheduling allows or used as available. It is recommended to check with the library for prior reservations before using a study room.

The library's back patio may also be reserved for community or group events. Reserving the patio will allow use of the electrical outlets and prevent other groups from claiming the space. Reservation of the patio will be charged the same as the above for meeting rooms.