Library Hall


The New Spanish Fork LIBRARY



80 S Main St.
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Grand Opening

April 29, 2023
 9:30 a.m.

Grand Opening Information

Join us at 10 a.m. for the Library Hall's grand opening events including a storytime sampler, live performances, demonstrations, tours, and more! Those interested may attend the ribbon cutting and dedication of Library Hall at 9:30 a.m.

About the Library

The new Spanish Fork Library will be located on the corner of Main St. and 100 S. 

Library Design

Library Hall was designed by Blalock and Partners, an experienced firm in library design from Salt Lake City. 



Why do we need a new library?

The library is not only a place that fosters literacy, education, entertainment, development, and discovery, but also one where we connect within our community. Our current library, which was built in 1965, served a  community of 7,000 residents. Now, with nearly 45,000 residents, the existing building lacks sufficient space and amenities to serve our growing community. A  larger library will enable us to maintain, and even grow, the level of service we provide our residents.

What will happen to the old library?

The current plan is that the City will maintain and operate the building, perhaps housing a different City department.

Where is the library being built?

The library will be built to the south of the current City Offices on the corner of Main Street and 100 South.

Why not build the library in the existing location or renovate the current library?

The existing building has undergone multiple renovations since it was first built in 1965; however, the existing footprint of the building is not sufficient to meet the needs of our growing community. Through our public outreach efforts with residents, we have heard that the community would like to preserve the park adjacent to the existing library, and using the existing site without significantly impacting the park was unlikely.

Additionally, building in a different location will allow the City to continue offering library services throughout the construction of the new building.

Who is the architect?

Blalock and Partners, a firm with experience designing libraries and other civic buildings, did the design for the library.

How is the library being funded?

The library will be constructed through a Lease Revenue Municipal Building Authority Bond. The debt service for the library portion of the building will be paid from a property tax increase while the debt service for the city office portion will be paid from various other funds.

How much were my property taxes increased for the library?

On the average home value ($314,000), property tax increased $3.85 per month or $46 per year.

What new features will the new library have?

The new library will have additional program spaces for children and teens, a large multi-purpose room, a drive-up bookdrop, and multiple study rooms,

Will there be a curbside book drop?

Yes! One of the biggest pieces of public input we received was the request for a curbside book drop.