Internet Policies

Utah Code Annotated compliant Internet Access Policy
Spanish Fork Public Library's Internet and Online Access Policy General Introductory Statements.
A. Public access to the Internet and online services is an integral part of the Library's programs and services. The intent of this policy is to meet the provisions of Sections 9-7-213, 9-7-215, and 9-7-216 UCA, and Administrative Rule R458-2, as well as provide guidelines for patrons and staff regarding Internet accessible and online computer use.

B. This Policy document will be reviewed by the Spanish Fork Library Board at least every three years, and a copy of the new policy will be sent to the Utah State Library Division as required by Administrative Rule R458-2. Legal Requirements.
A. The Library's Internet Access Policy complies with Section 9-7-215 Internet and online access policy required, and Section 9-7-216 Process and content standards for policy UCA, as well as reporting procedures established by Utah Administrative Rule R458-2.

B. The Library has in place a policy of Internet safety for minors, including the operation of a technology protection measure, hereafter called "filtering software", on any publicly accessible computer with Internet access that protects against access to visual depictions that are child pornography, materials harmful to minors, or obscene. The filtering software will be enforced to provide Internet safety during any use of a computer by a minor.

C. Library policy restricts access to Internet sites that contain visual depictions that are child pornography, harmful to minors or obscene, and may also limit Internet access or otherwise protect against materials other than the materials specified in Utah statute. Filtering software will provide Internet safety for all library computers connected to the Internet. However, an authorized library representative may disable a technology protection measure at the request of an adult patron to enable Internet access for research or other lawful purposes.

D. This policy disapproves the use of public access Internet computers for online gambling and any illegal purposes in an effort to protect patrons and the library against materials other than the materials specified in Utah law.

E. While we strive to prevent objectionable material from being accessible on the Internet through the use of filtering software, there is no system that is guaranteed completely safe; therefore, parents of minors need to accept responsibility for their children using the Internet and for the content of the sites that they access. Implementation Requirements.
A. A notice of the availability of this Policy will be posted in a conspicuous place within the library for all patrons to observe.

B. The Library will not be responsible for damage to any user's personal computer or property, or for the loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from patron use of the Library's Internet connection or malfunctioning Library software or hardware, including information downloaded at the Library and used on a patrons personal home computer; including but not limited to computer viruses. Internet users should be aware that some sites do not provide a secure medium for transmitting personal information.

C. Internet users must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements. Materials obtained from the Internet may be subject to copyright law, which prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials. Any responsibility for consequences arising from copyright infringement or any other illegal use lies with the user. Illegal acts involving Library computing resources will subject the user to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities, and will result in a loss of computer and/or Library privileges.

D. Procedures and guidelines are hereby established to handle complaints about this policy, enforcement of this policy by library staff, and what a patron should do if they observe inappropriate behavior by another library patron. A notice of the availability of these procedures for public review will be posted, as well as the policies made readily available to all staff members. These procedures and guidelines will be adhered to by library staff to enforce the requirements of Sections 9-7-215 and 9-7-216 UCA. Internet and Online Access Policy for the Spanish Fork Library allows individuals to have access to Internet use for 60 minute time increments. During this time, the Policy must be complied with. Violations of the policy will result in loss of Internet privileges. A library card is necessary to use the Internet computers and library accounts must be in good standing with no fines over $10. Guest passes are available for non-card holders for a fee.

E. The Spanish Fork Library Staff reserves the right to monitor Internet usage if there is a complaint or a violation of policy; at this time, the Internet user will be given a warning. If continued violation persists, Internet usage will be terminated. Repeated offenders will not be allowed to access the Internet for a specified amount of time. If a Library patron observes inappropriate Internet usage by another patron, they should report it directly to a staff member in order for the staff to take immediate and effective action.
(Revised: June 25, 2013, June 28, 2016)