Billing Questions

When will I receive my utility bill?

It will typically arrive on the 1st of each month.

When is my utility bill due?

Your Utility Bill is due on the 20th of each month. The following rules apply:

  • Payments made online are due by 11:59 PM on the 20th.
  • Payments left in the City office drop box, located at 40 South Main, are due by 8:00 AM the following business day. (Ex. if the 20th falls on a Saturday payment must be in the drop box by 8:00 AM on Monday)
  • Payments made through the mail are due by 8:00 AM the following business day. (Ex. if the 20th falls on a Thursday payment must be at the City office by 8:00 AM on Friday)

Why is my utility bill so high?

We get asked this question most often when bills are delivered around the 1st of August, September, and October. This is when customers receive their bill due on the 20th of each of these months. These bills include the highest average usage for power, culinary water, and pressurized irrigation. If you have a large power bill in the winter the culprit is ofter electric space heaters. Power is an inefficient way to heat a home compared to gas. For more information refer to the Utility Bill Timing page.

Does the city offer an Equal Pay Program?

The Equal Pay program was offered to residents between 2005 and 2010. The program is no longer being offered. Those who are currently on the Equal Pay program are grandfathered in and will remain on the program.

There are a couple of reasons that this program is no longer being offered: First, we have found that with the number of services we offer and especially with our optional services (Cable TV, Internet & Phone), it was a difficult program to manage.

The second reason is that the program allows customers to carry an account balance at times. This means that the city is unnecessarily exposed to the possibility that a customer could terminate with a large account balance. Anytime you allow a customer more time to pay their bill the chances of collecting decrease.

The original enrollment form that was signed by customers states: "If payments are missed or late, or if only partial payments are made, you may lose your Equal Pay privilege." 

What is the storm drain charge on my bill for?

Most cities have had to create a storm water utility because of increasing regulation. The costs of this utility is spread out across the city on the utility bills as the storm drain fee.

When I pay my bill what usage period am I paying for?

Refer to our Utility Bill Timing page for more information.

What bills are generally the highest during the year?

Typically the bills due in July, August, and September are the highest. Refer to our Utility Bill Timing page for more information.

Why do I have a bill when the property wasn't occupied?

There is a cost to provide access to a service even if the service isn't being used. The base rate on services help collect the cost of providing access. For more information refer to the Vacant Property Billing section of our policy.

When will I receive my first utility bill?

If your account is set up on ACH Auto Pay your bill will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date. See our Utility Bill Timing page to learn more about utility bill timing.

Sign Up Date RangeFirst Bill ReceivedFirst Bill Due Date
January 20th - February 19th March 1st March 20th
 February 20th - March 19th April 1st April 20th
March 20th - April 19th May 1st May 20th
April 20th - May 19th June 1st June 20th
May 20th - June 19th July 1st July 20th
June 20th - July 19th August 1st August 20th
July 20th - August 19th September 1st September 20th
August 20th - September 19th October 1st October 20th
September 20th - October 19th November 1st November 20th
October 20th - November 19th December 1st December 20th
November 20th - December 19th January 1st January 20th
December 20th - January 19th February 1st February 20th

When will I receive my final bill?

Your final bill will be mailed to you within approximately 3 weeks of your termination date. If your account was set up on ACH Autopay your final bill will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Termination Date RangeFinal Bill Due Date
January 21st - February 20th March 20th
February 21st - March 20th April 20th
March 21st - April 20th May 20th
April 21st - May 20th June 20th
May 21st - June 20th July 20th
June 21st - July 20th August 20th
July 21st - August 20th September 20th
August 21st - September 20th October 20th
September 21st - October 20th November 20th
October 21st - November 20th December 20th
November 21st - December 20th January 20th
December 21st - January 20th February 20th

I am struggling to pay my utility bill, are there any resources to assist me?

See the Utility Assistance Program page for more information.

Can I go paperless for my utility bill?

Yes, our 3rd party payment processor XpressBillPay allows you to view your current and prior bills online and receive email notifications. You can also see how your usage varies from month to month. You will need to create an account with them at xpressbillpay.com using your account number.

Garbage and Recycle Questions

What day is my garbage pickup?

Garbage pickups are Monday - Thursday. Please have cans out by 7:00 AM regardless. For route information see the Waste Collection Route Map.

Can I get a second garbage can?

Yes, contact the Utility Billing Office at 801-804-4500 or send an e-mail requesting one. Please see our Utility Rates page for current pricing information. Residents may have a maximum of 2 cans while businesses may have up to 4. Additional cans must be kept at least 6 months.

What can I do if my garbage can stinks?

Residents are responsible to clean their own cans. If the can is broken give the utility office a call.

What items can I place in my recycle bin?

Please see the lists found on the SUVSWD recycling page or the Republic Services recycling page.

Who do I call if the garbage truck misses my bins?

Call us at 801-804-4505 or 801-804-4501.

How do I contact the city if I need a bin picked up or delivered?

Call us at 801-804-4505 or 801-804-4501.

Can I leave garbage in bags next to my bin?

No, the drivers will only pick up garbage in the bins. You may need to consider ordering another bin or making a trip to the transfer station.

What items can I place in my garbage bin?

Items that are too heavy for the garbage truck arm should not be placed in the garbage bin. These include chunks of concrete, rocks, and even dirt or sod. Many of these items will even cause damage to the truck. If items are overflowing out of the bin, such as tree branches, the bin may not be dumped because the items often fall out on the road while the bin is dumped.

Signing Up for Utilities

How do I sign up for utility service?

Our sign up forms are available online here.

Why do you need my social security number to sign in for utilities?

We need your social security number to verify your identity and to be able to send your account to collections if you fail to pay your bill. We enter your social security number into Experian and they verify your identity. This doesn't pull a credit report or affect your credit in any way.

Why do you need my driver's license number to sign in for utilities?

Your driver's license proves that you are the person who you say you are. Otherwise, an individual could use another person's name and social security number to sign in for utilities.

Why do I have to post a deposit or sign up for ACH Autopay?

The city doesn't bill for services until after they have been provided. Because the city back bills for services there is always a chance that customers won't pay for the services provided to them. For this reason the city requires a deposit that can be used to offset bills when a customer doesn't pay. The city has had to write off hundreds of thousands of dollars on uncollectible accounts in recent years. If write offs were to increase the city would need to raise rates to offset this lost revenue.
By signing up for ACH Auto Pay you are allowing us to have your account information and to initiate the payment. Since you are saving the city on credit card fees we waive the deposit. If however you have an ACH payment returned we will remove you from the ACH Auto Pay and require a deposit.

Is there anything that I need to do to rent my property out?

Other Questions

When is the pressurized irrigation system drained and filled each year?

The answer to this question varies from year to year depending on temperatures. The system is generally filled by April 15th and drained by October 15th.

Where can I get more information about solar and net metering?

See the Net Metering page for more information.

Does the city offer a credit to deployed military personnel?

Yes, the city does offer a credit. Call 801-804-4506 for information.