Utility Bill Timing


Utility Bill Timing
Utility billing can be complicated.  We hope that this page helps you understand Spanish Fork City’s utility billing just a little better.  You may notice that there is a lag between your use of utilities and when you pay for them. This lag means that your usage at the end of June isn’t paid for until almost the end of August.  Because of this timing, the largest bills are generally those that are due on the 25th of August, September, and October.  This information should help you budget for the larger bills that come at the end of summer.

Important Utility Billing Dates

Service Usage Dates: These are the usage dates for all utility services being billed.

Bill Delivered Date:  This is the date that the bill will show up in your mailbox, give or take a day or two.

Due Date:  The day your bill is due. A 5% late fee will be assessed if payment isn’t made by this date.

Shut Off Notice Date:  This is the day we will send notifications via mail, text, phone call, and email that your electricity will be disconnected in a week if payment isn’t made.  A $15 Shut Off Notice fee is assessed if the past due amount isn’t paid by this date. This is generally the Wednesday a week before Shut Off Day.

Shut Off Date:  This is the day that your electricity will be disconnected if the past due amount hasn’t been paid.  A $30 disconnection fee is assessed. If your power is disconnected you will have to pay not only the past due amount but also the current balance to get your power reconnected.  This is generally the Wednesday before the Due Date.
A typical billing cycle:

Service Usages DatesBill Delivered DateDue DateShut Off Notice DateShut Off Date
11/21-12/20 1/8 1/25 2/16 2/23