72 Hour Kits

Water & Filtration

3 gal. per person per day, Water bottles or pouches, water filter, extra water storage containers, iodine or bleach

Food, Fuel & Cooking

Freeze-dried/dehydrated food, stove/fuel, jerky, food bars, candy, cooking set, utensils, fire starter, soap, spices, cooking oil, can opener, noncook foods, matches

Shelter & Bedding

Tent, sleeping pad/bag, tarp/ground cloth, emergency bivvy

First Aid

First aid kit, extra bandages, pain relievers, personal medications, insect repellant, sanitizer, first aid manual


Flashlight, batteries, headlamp, rechargeable power bank, portable solar panel


Firestarters, hand warmers, candles, emergency blanket/bivvy, wool blanket, extra clothing, extra socks & underwear, coat & hat, raingear, winter wear, matches


Multi-tool, knife, saw or hatchet, shovel, rope, twine, paracord, compass/maps, fishing, hunting gear, duct tape, gloves


Cell phone, HAM radio, AM/FM radio, batteries, signal mirror, flares, glowsticks

Hygiene & Sanitation 

Toilet paper/wipes, airtight bucket or porta-potty, garbage bags, toothbrush/toothpaste, razors, soap, body soap & shampoo, towel, washcloth, feminine products, laundry soap, baby items


ID’s, legal documents, insurance cards, cash/credit cards, deeds/wills, phone numbers, keys, books


Journal/notepad, pen/pencil/marker, reading books, playing cards, games

Security & Protection

Knife, personal firearm & ammunition, whistle, pepper spray, full tank of gas


Where should I store my kit?

Keep your kit in an easy-to-access location that is close to an exit. Know where it is at all times. If your kit contains heat-sensitive items such as food or fuel, your storage location should stay at room temperature or cooler

When should I rotate my supplies?

Most items should be rotated about every 5 years or so. Depending on the type of food you have, it may last longer or shorter. Adhesives, medications, pre-packaged water, batteries, toiletries, and other perishables may need to be replaced sooner (2-3 years). Review contents and re-think your plan and kit at least once per year.

Where can I find more information?

Visit www.ready.gov  or  www.FEMA.org.