River Bottoms Vision

River Bottoms Vision

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Over the past several months, Logan Simpson, on behalf of Spanish Fork City, has engaged in collecting public input regarding the vision for the River Bottoms. This input has been gathered through several means, including stakeholder interviews, a public open house, and an online survey. The information gathered so far has been compiled into the Vision Document.

The Vision Document summarizes the suggestions and ideas gathered during the public input period and provides some preliminary ideas for what could happen in the River Bottoms. The Vision Document IS NOT the actual plan.

The Vision Document focuses on the river as the defining feature of the River Bottoms, farmland and open spaces as the underlying fabric of Spanish Fork City's rural landscape, a culture of self-sufficiency and rural living, and vast and connected recreation amenities.

Using the same ideas and suggestions, the Vision Document outlines a series of Big Ideas, which are intented to translate the public input ideas into potential outcomes.

We need your input on these Big Ideas!

  • Which ideas resonate with you?
  • What do you like/not like about each Big Idea?
  • What is missing from the Big Ideas?
  • How can we achieve each Big Idea?
No path has been decided, which makes this a great time to expand our thinking and to think big! Give us your insights by either completing this survey (click HERE) or visiting the River Bottoms Vision booth at one of two events: 

  1. Food Truck League - Friday, August 3, 5 pm - 9 pm (City Park, 49 S Main St)
  2. Farmers Market - Saturday, August 4, 8 am - 1 pm (City Offices, 40 S Main St)

Project Description

This year, Spanish Fork City is creating a plan for the area commonly referred to as The River Bottoms which will tell the story of our community values and how we envision the future of this area. As part of this initiative, the public will provide input in creating a framework to guide the preservation, enhancement, and responsible growth of the River Bottoms.

Property owners, residents, community organizations, and others have an important stake in the future of the River Bottoms and their participation is encouraged.

What is the plan process?

The Vision will take approximately one year to complete. The City aims to develop a draft plan by the fall 2018 and complete the final effort and put the plan forward to City Council for adoption by winter 2018.

Phase 1: Discovery: Introduce the process to create the Vision, engage with project stakeholders and the community on their vision for area, and gather information about key trends, existing conditions, opportunities, and constraints.

Phase 2: Envision a Way Forward: Present opportunities analysis and potential scenarios for the future and develop the preliminary Vision.

Phase 3: Plan Development: Present the draft Vision for public review and refine the Vision based on public input for adoption.


Why create a plan?

For the past several decades, Spanish Fork's Land Use Element of the General Plan designated the majority of this area Agricultural. Spanish Fork City has not contemplated any significant development in The River Bottoms; but in recent years, has received several proposals for annexation and multiple requests for development approvals. These proposals led city staff and officials to discuss the future of the area and whether plans should change to allow development and what forms potential development might take. City staff and officials have also discussed the prospect of acting proactively to ensure the preservation of open space and agricultural activities in The River Bottoms. Now is the time to have these important conversations on the future vision for The River Bottoms.

The City constructed 7 miles of paved trail adjacent to the Spanish Fork River and continuously invests in the operation and improvement of the Spanish Oaks Golf Course. The development of the River Trail provides access and opportunities for the community to experience The River Bottoms' unique environment from within. At least partly because of the River Trail, thousands of residents have come to appreciate the unique attributes and qualities of the area. New and renewed interest in the area make this the ideal time to engage with stakeholders and the community on their vision for the future.

How can I be involved?

Interested residents and stakeholders can get involved in the process through a number of ways including this website, social media updates, online surveys, as well as open houses and workshops. It is encouraged to continuously check this website to get current information about opportunities to participate.

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River Bottoms Project Area Map