Accessory Dwelling Units


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
An ADU is a self-contained dwelling incorporated within an existing occupied structure that is designed as a single-family dwelling and does not substantially alter the structure or appearance of the existing structure. They are often called mother-in-law, basement, or accessory apartments, cottage homes, accessory suites, or ancillary units.

Accessory Dwelling Units Survey and Focus Groups
Spanish Fork City recently conducted a survey regarding how to better accommodate and allow for accessory dwelling units in the City.  A summary of the survey results is available here.

After the survey, the City conducted a number of focus groups with Spanish Fork residents to review potential changes to the City's existing ADU program.


Proposed Changes to ADU Regulations
For the past year, much time has been spent reviewing the City’s current regulations for Accessory Apartments and evaluating whether changes may be warranted.  The process undertaken by City staff has involved public outreach and the study of other communities’ regulatory programs.

The language provided here describes the changes staff believes should be made.  The description is provided in the boldface red and strikethrough format that we often use.  You will note that some text also has a gray highlight.  That text contains provisions that relate to permitting Accessory Apartments in Accessory Structures.  At this time, staff is not recommending that those changes be incorporated but believes there may be merit in discussing the concept at a later date.

Some of the proposed changes include:

  Current Requirements Proposed Changes
Owner Occupancy Required
Units per Dwelling Only one (1) ADU per single-family dwelling
Off-Street Parking Two (2) off-street parking spaces per dwelling
Permitted Zones R-3 & R-1-6 R-3, R-1-6, R-1-8,
R-1-9, R-1-12 & R-1-15
Minimum Lot Size 10,000 square feet 8,000 square feet
Building Code Must meet all applicable building codes Different requirements for different situations
Impact Fees Required Not required
Separate Electric Meters Required Not required
Registration Register with Utility Office Register with Community Development Department

Public Meetings
The public is invited to participate in the following meetings in which the proposed changes will be discussed:

  • Planning Commission Meeting: Wednesday, May 1 at 6 PM
  • Facebook Live Discussion: Thursday, May 30 at 3 PM
  • Planning Commission Meeting: Wednesday, June 5 at 6 PM
  • City Council Meeting: Tuesday, June 18 at 6 PM
For more information regarding ADUs in Spanish Fork City, please contact the Community Development Department.