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Updated April 1, 2014

The following inspections are required for your project. Inspections shall be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. With the exception of footings, foundation and sewer we DO NOT do timed inspections. If your inspection cannot be ready by 8 AM then you must schedule for the next day. Failure to be ready at time inspection is scheduled will result in a re-inspection fee of $55. No further inspections will be performed until the fee is paid at the City Office.

Set Back & Footings
Placement on property based on required set backs will be verified. Inspection of excavation, forms and reinforcing steel prior to placement of concrete

Inspection of forms and reinforcing steel prior to placement of concrete

Structured Masonry/Bond Beam
This inspection shall be performed by an approved inspector, and the reports shall be provided to Spanish Fork City Building Department.

Water Lateral
1" minimum size/36" minimum depth

Sewer Lateral
Fill with water, let stand at least 15 mins, flush when inspector arrives; 4" cast iron combo required for cleanout and cast iron cap on stand pipe.

Temporary Power
Inspection of temporary pedestal with grounding rod, all outlets GFCI protected

Suspended Concrete
Inspection of forms & reinforcing steel prior to placement of concrete (including pre-cast)

Underground Plumbing, Electrical, and/or Mechanical
Inspection of all underground or under slab work prior to burial or concrete covering;

  • Underslab Plumbing - after pressure is on drain line
  • Underground Power Trench - before backfilling/48" minimum

Exterior Shear Wall
Inspection of all structural sheathing and foundation straps prior to installation of weather barrier.

Weather Barrier
Inspection of exterior weather barrier, window and door flashing, and other flashing prior to installation of siding, masonry, and roofing products

4-way and (Sprinkler System When Applicable)
Inspection of framing, structural members, shear walls, and all roughed in electrical, mechanical, fuels gas piping, and plumbing installations. Includes rough in of sprinkler system piping to be performed by Fire Marshal and scheduled separately through Fire Marshal office

Shower Pan
Fill with water to within ½" of top for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Inspection of electrical service panel prior to utility hook up

Inspection to ensure insulation, doors, windows, heating & cooling meets IECC

To be performed after installation of sheetrock but before it is taped or mudded.

Ceiling Grid
To be performed after installation of the framing grid work but before the ceiling tiles are installed.

To be performed after installation of all flashings, vapor barrier, lath and after all penetrations are sealed.

Inspection of completed building or structure prior to use or occupancy. Final inspection checklist available here or in the office.

Sprinkler Systems
2-part; Inspection of rough in sprinkler piping; Inspection & testing of completed system

To schedule a building inspection call 801-804-4540. 24 hour notice is required.

To schedule a public works inspection call the engineering department at 801-804-4550.

NOTE: If your inspection is not on this list try engineering inspections.