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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people have signed up?
Currently, 1555 households have signed up.

How many households must signup before the recycling program is launched?

What is the cost of recycling?

When will the program begin?
June 2009

When will I receive my blue recycling bin?
Subscribers will receive their bins the middle of May.

How often will my recycling be picked up?
On a specific day every other week. Allied Waste will try to do what they can to schedule this on the same day as your regular garbage pickup.

What are my options for recycling if I live in a condo/apartment?
As long as the recycling bins can be wheeled out to the street, Allied Waste will pick up the recycling bins from your condo/apartment complex. Check with your landlord where (and if) it's OK to store the recycling bins on their property.

What other cities recycle?
There are many cities in Utah that recycle, some of which include:

  • Salt Lake City
  • South Jordan
  • Lindon
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Highland
  • American Fork
  • Sandy

Why does this cost money? Where does my money go?
Recycling comes at a cost, but so does not recycling. To collect, transport, proces, and ship your recycling, garbage companies and the City must charge a minimal fee:

Recycling Collection:$5.00
Fuel Surcharge:$1.00*

(*fuel surcharge may cause the price of recycling to vay due to fluctuating fuel costs)

What if I signed up and no longer want the service?
If you no longer wish to be signed up for the curbside recycling program, please email us at detailing your name and address as it appears on your utility bill. You may also call 801-804-4500 to cancel this service. This should occur before the end of April for our initial recycling bin delivery as Allied Waste will be ordering all the bins in bulk. People can still sign up for the service at any time.

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