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Proposed User Fees

There are three components to the Life Center that will have different rates and access: the Recreation Center and Indoor Pools, The Library, and the Senior Center.

When creating a proposed fee structure, it was very important to the City Council that on the average, non-residents pay a higher amount than residents since the residents would bear the burden of constructing the building through property tax. As previously mentioned, the Life Center can be divided into 3 main areas and the bond amount can also be broken down using the percentages in the table below.

Facility Total Cost
Percentage of
Total Cost
Yearly Property Tax Cost Monthly Tax Cost
Life Center Total $39.25 100.00% $201.90 $16.82
Senior Center $5.00 12.74% $25.72 $2.14
Library $10.00 25.48% $51.44 $4.29
Rec. Center $24.25 61.78% $124.74 $10.40


Even though the Life Center has not been constructed, the City Council directed the Parks & Recreation Department to study and present a possible fee structure for the recreation center and indoor pools. After research and comparison, the Council was presented with the following possible fees. It is anticipated that access to and use of this portion of the facility would be paid for with this fee. It should be understood that these fees are very tentative and are subject to change.

  Annual Pass Semi Annual Pass Daily Fee
  Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident All
Youth (3-17) $140.00 $181.25 $80.00 $96.00 $4.00
Adult (18-59) $255.00 $317.50 $150.00 $180.00 $5.00
Adult Couple $360.00 $485.00 $205.00 $246.00 --
Senior (60+) $140.00 $202.50 $80.00 $96.00 $3.00
Senior Couple $255.00 $317.50 $150.00 $180.00 --
Family (up to 6) $445.00 $570.00 $255.00 $306.00 --

The non-resident fee includes the Recreation Center and Indoor Pools' proportionate share of the Yearly Property Tax as seen in the first table. The increased non-resident fee would be in-lieu of the property tax increase on the average residents home ($124.74).


Current resident patrons of the library use the facility without paying any membership or annual fee. A resident's use of the library comes with being a resident of the city. The library currently has over 1,000 active non-resident accounts and each non-resident pays an annual non-resident fee of $40. When the construction of the Life Center is completed, it is anticipated that the annual non-resident rate for the library would experience an increase of $30 to $50.


The Senior Center currently offers a monthly membership meal plus access to the Senior Center for $20 a year. They also offer two weekly meals at a very low fee per meal. With the new Life Center, It is anticipated that Seniors will have as many as three options:

  • Option 1: Access to the Senior Center portion of the Life Center with similar amenities as today, PLUS limited access to the Recreation Center and Indoor Pools. The fee for this has not yet been determined.
  • Option 2: Access to the full Life Center plus a Senior Center membership at the rates outlined above.
  • Option 3: The City will participate in the Silver Sneakers program that is offered to Seniors through a qualified health plan.
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