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Voter Brochure Voter Information Packet
All residents of Spanish Fork were mailed this brochure that provides technical and ballot information about the Life Center Bond.
Sports Park Location Proposed Location for the Life Center
The proposed location is in the eastern-most area of the Sports Park. This location would have access from Main Street and Volunteer Drive. This location was selected after considering the surrounding areas, accessibility, and overall aesthetics and was the recommendation of the Citizen Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Library Committee along with the City Council.
Volunteer Dr Widening Project Volunteer Drive Road Alignment Plan
Many have asked how the traffic on Volunteer Drive may be impacted by the Life Center being constructed in this area. Volunteer Drive is master planned to become a 5 lane road, connecting Main Street and Center Street. These files show the various looks at how Volunteer Drive will be built or expanded in the future as development occurs.
Traffic Studies Traffic Count Studies
Traffic Engineers conducted a traffic count study at three points around the two possible Life Center locations. The first study was done around 100 South and Center Street at 630 West and the second study was done at 2 places on Volunteer Drive and on West Park Drive. As you look at the traffic count information, you will see 4 sets of numbers: Cars / Day, the existing daily capacity of the road, future capacity of the road (only if widening work is already planned) and Peak Hour counts, which is the highest count of cars in a given hour.
Bond Election Ballot Language Life Center Ballot Sample
The November ballot will have three issues on it. The citys regular election for three council seats, the Special Bond Election (Life Center), and the Countys Proposition #1. This file shows a sample of the Special Bond Election (Life Center) portion of the ballot.
City Council Video Life Center Presentation of Arguments (City Council Meeting 10/20/15)
In accordance with the Utah Transparency of Ballot Propositions Act, the council heard a presentation of arguments both FOR and AGAINST the Life Center Ballot Proposition in a public meeting. Each side of the issue was given 15 total minutes to discuss their respective points of view.
City Council Video Life Center 101(October 6, 2015)
The Library Director and Parks & Recreation Director present information regarding the proposed Life Center, including amenities, a proposed fee schedule and facility budget information.
City Council Video Life Center Bond Public Hearing (City Council Meeting 09/15/15)
General Obligation Bonds require a Public Hearing to be held regarding the bond. The public asked many questions regarding the bond and the City Council, City Staff, and City Consultants answered those questions.
City Council Video Life Center Location (Presentation to City Council 09/01/15)
The Parks and Recreation Director presents information regarding the two possible locations and the City Council makes a decision on their preferred location for the Life Center.
City Council Video Life Center 101 (Presentation to City Council 09/01/15)
The Library Director and Parks & Recreation Director present information regarding the proposed Life Center, including amenities, a proposed fee schedule and facility budget information.
Site Analysis Location Information
On August 25, the City Council had a work session to review the two locations for the Life Center. This meeting was held at each location and this information was reviewed.
City Council Video City Council Vote on Special Bond Election (08/18/15)
At the August 18 City Council meeting, the Council voted to place the LIfe Center question on the November Ballot. You can view the presentation on the ballot question and the councils discussion and decision on Channel 17s YouTube Channel.
City Council Video Presentation to City Council (08/04/15)
MOCA, the company hired by Spanish Fork to conduct the feasibility study, presented their findings and the Citizens Committee recommendations to the City Council on August 4. This is the slides to that presentation. You can also view the presentation on Channel 17s YouTube Channel.
City Council Video Life Center Public Meeting (07/29/15)
The City held a public information meeting about the Life Center on July 29 at Larsen Elementary. You can view the video of this meeting on Channel 17s YouTube channel. Due to the format of the meeting, at times the audio or visual quality may not be the best.
Survey Parks & Recreation Master Plan Survey
In 2007 the City conducted a survey that was sent to all the residents of Spanish Fork to learn what recreational amenities were a priority to them. This survey is included here.
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