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Life Center Rendering

In November, the voters of Spanish Fork will be asked to vote for or against a bond to construct a Life Center. The Life Center would have a Library, Senior Center, and Recreation Center with Indoor Pools. It would serve all ages in the community from infants up to senior citizens by providing opportunities for recreation, learning, and socializing.

This ballot proposition is in response to identified needs of the Library and Senior Center, as well as repeated calls from residents requesting that the city build a recreation center with an indoor pool. In 2007, the City conducted a Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey. In this survey, respondents told Spanish Fork City their #1 and #2 most desired facilities were an indoor pool and a recreation center.

In order to address these requests, the Mayor formed a Citizens Committee to assist in the feasibility study, and the City hired an outside consultant to facilitate the process. The Committee has studied the issue since early March and has considered possible locations, amenities, funding sources, and costs. The Committee members were also asked to discuss this topic with their friends and neighbors to determine what the community wants.

Life Center Proposed Floor Plan

The proposed Life Center would be about 140,000 square feet and would be located in the northeastern portion of the Sports Park, along Main Street and Volunteer Drive. Residents will be asked on the November ballot to approve or reject a General Obligation Bond that would increase property taxes to construct the building.

The bond would be for no more than 39,250,000 and for no more than 20 years. If approved, the bond would increase property taxes on the average home by $16.83 per month; the average home in Spanish Fork has an assessed market value by Utah County of $202,174. Currently Spanish Fork City has one of the lowest property tax rates in Utah County.

This portion of the City's website has been created to provide as much information as possible about the Special Bond Election for the Life Center. Residents are encouraged to review the information on this site and learn what they can about the proposal. In the end, whether you are for or against the Special Bond Election, please remember to vote on November 3.

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