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Below is an employee directory for Spanish Fork City. You can sort the directory by any column by clicking on those column headers. Sort multiple columns by using the shift key.

NameJob TitleDepartmentPhoneEmail
Addis, DeannePayroll
Davidson, MelanieAdmin
Hall, KimHR
Jacobson, TylerAssistant City
Perrins, SethCity
Snyder, LisaAdmin
Warner, AngieDeputy
Anderson, DaveCommunity Dev. DirectorCommunity
Brenneman, KimberlyDivision SecretaryCommunity
Burdick, JessicaOffice ClerkCommunity
Carlile, BradBuilding Inspector ICommunity
Jarvis, JoeFire MarshalCommunity
Lambert, BrodyBuilding InspectorCommunity
Little, JohnChief Building OfficialCommunity
Williams, TammyDivision SecretaryCommunity
Argyle, ChadCouncilmemberElected
Beck, StacyCouncilmemberElected
Gordon, BrandonCouncilmemberElected
Leifson, SteveMayorElected
Mendenhall, MikeCouncilmemberElected
Scoubes, KeirCouncilmemberElected
Aitken, LoriOffice
Bradley, PamUtility Office
Bulow, JackieOffice
Clark, KentFinance
Coon, JolynneAccounting
Johnson, ChristyOffice
Jolley, AmyOffice
Rasmussen, AmyOffice
Stone, CindyBilling
Walker, MelanieOffice
Warren, MartyOffice
Baker, JuniorCity
Burgi, AnaProsecuting
Jackson, AngieDepartment
Randle, SaraDepartment
Sant, JasonAssistant City
Christensen, SuzanneLibrary
Jackson, PamLibrary
Loch, DarleneLibrary
Williams, ChristineLibrary
Abegglen, Tyler D.Golf Operations AssistantParks &
Andrews, LandonLeadworkerParks &
Banks, TaylorLeadworkerParks &
Beckstrom, SusanDepartment SecretaryParks &
Bell, KenMaintenance WorkerParks &
Black, KerriMaintenance WorkerParks &
Bradford, KarenAssistant Parks & Rec DirectorParks &
Bushman, BillBuilding & Grounds Maint SupvParks &
Cloward, BrandonMaintenance WorkerParks &
Frost, BrentLeadworkerParks &
Graham, BradWaterpark ManagerParks &
Hall, BarbaraOffice ClerkParks &
Hanks, CodyFacilities Maintenance TechParks &
Hanks, NickFairgrounds ManagerParks &
Hansen, ElaineSpecial Events CoordinatorParks &
Hollingshead, Verna JoSenior Center DirectorParks &
Hunter, BroncoRecreation Program CoordinatorParks &
James, ChaseMaintenance WorkerParks &
Jamison, PaulRecreation Program SupvParks &
Johnson, DebraGun Club ManagerParks &
Johnson, SterlingLeadworkerParks &
Jolley, JustinMaintenance WorkerParks &
McCuistion, ChadLeadworkerParks &
Mendez, RafaelAsst. Golf Course SuperintendentParks &
Morrill, BartParks Maintenance SupvParks &
Naulu, DallinGreens SuperintendentParks &
Ottesen, JaniceConcessions ManagerParks &
Peterson, ShaunMaintenance WorkerParks &
Resch, MarkRecreation Program CoordinatorParks &
Rhees, RyanGolf ProfessionalParks &
Robinson, DaleParks and Recreation DirectorParks &
Shepherd, BrentLeadworkerParks &
Swenson, JoDeeOffice ClerkParks &
Thorpe, TaddLeadworkerParks &
Wall, AmyGreenhouseParks &
Woolsey, CathyOffice ClerkParks &
Acey, EdVIPPublic Safety 
Adams, StevePublic Safety DirectorPublic
Adams, ZacPatrol Officer IIPublic
Anderson, BrandonLieutenantPublic
Anderson, DustinPatrol Officer IPublic
Ballantyne, KurtPatrol Officer IPublic
Beddoes, TylerPatrol Officer IPublic
Berns, PaulaDepartment SecretaryPublic
Bowen, DavePatrol Officer IPublic
Davis, WyattAnimal Control OfficerPublic
Dennison, CydoranPatrol Officer IPublic
DeWitt, BryanPatrol Officer IIPublic
Farnworth, RyanPatrol Officer IPublic
Felsing, LauraPatrol Officer IPublic
Frost, HeatherDepartment SecretaryPublic
Gardner, ScottPatrol Officer IIPublic
Grover, CoryPatrol Officer IPublic
Harding, CadeSergeantPublic
Harris, CodyPatrol Officer IPublic
Harward, JasonPatrol Officer IIPublic
Hooley, ClayPatrol Officer IPublic
James, LydiaDepartment SecretaryPublic
Jarvis, BrentFire ChiefPublic Safety 
Johnson, BrandonPatrol Officer IPublic
Johnson, MattLieutenantPublic
Leifson, OwenPatrol Officer IPublic
Lewis, CoryPatrol Officer IPublic
Mitchell, BradSergeantPublic
Nelson, PatDepartment SecretaryPublic
Nielsen, PhilSergeantPublic
Olson, ChrisPatrol Officer 1Public
Ottesen, BlakePatrol Officer IPublic
Peterson, ClintPatrol Officer IPublic
Robinson, ZacPatrol Officer IPublic
Rudd, LancePatrol Officer IIPublic
Shepherd, TrentPatrol Officer IPublic
Sheriff, ChrisSergeantPublic
Slaymaker, CoryLieutenantPublic
Smith, BretPatrol Officer IPublic
Smith, DallasPatrol Officer IPublic
Solie, EricPatrol Officer IPublic
Thomas, DonEmergency Preparedness OfficerPublic
Thorpe, JillDepartment SecretaryPublic
VanAusdal, BobVIPPublic Safety 
Warner, JaredPatrol Officer IPublic
Andrus, KyleUtility Technician IIPublic
Andrus, SamJourney LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Banks, MarvinUtility Technician - Part TimePublic Works 
Baum, RyanPublic Works Inspector IIPublic
Beecher, ShawnGIS AdministratorPublic
Benhoff, MarcusSolid Waste & Motor Pool TechPublic Works 
Bishop, CraigWater Meter InspectorPublic
Bradford, DavidAiport Maint WorkerPublic Works 
Brown, GlenUtility Technician I - Part TimePublic Works 
Burraston, BrentUtility Technician I Part TimePublic Works 
Chang, GuyElectric Meter TechnicianPublic
Chappel, JamieStreets Division ManagerPublic
Child, CrisAirport ManagerPublic
Christensen, RaulJourney Lineworker & Utility InpsectorPublic
Clark, MichaelPublic
Clark, ZacharyTreatment Plant OperatorPublic
Clayson, BlakeUtility Technician IPublic
Cooper, TomElectric Utility PlannerPublic
Darling, JamesSWPPP InspectorPublic
Electric On-callPower OutagePublic Works 
Elmer, GarrettJourney LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Fausett, KyleUtility Technician IPublic
Finch, Jerri AnnDivision SecretaryPublic
Fullmer, PaulSolid Waste & Motor Pool TechPublic
Gardiner, GatlinJourney MechanicPublic
Goreman, CarlyEngineering InternPublic
Grace, BryanUtility LeadworkerPublic
Harmon, ChrisUtility Technician IIPublic
Hawkins, RickUtility ForemanPublic
Hendrickson, MikeUnderground ForemanPublic
Hendrickson, ShelleyDivision SecretaryPublic
Jackson, BryceTreatment Plant OperatorPublic
Jackson, RussellBlue Stake TechnicianPublic
Jackson, VernSubstation Tech & ElectricianPublic
Jarvis, JakeJourney LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Jarvis, JasonUtility Technician IIPublic
Jeffery, RogerWarehousing & PurchasingPublic
Jensen, JadeUtility Technician IPublic
Jewett, BrocJourney LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Johnson, BrandonUtility Technician IPublic
Johnson, JeredEngineering Division ManagerPublic
Jorgensen, ShawnPublic Works Inspector IIPublic
Kirk, GordonSubstation TechPublic WorksN/A 
Locke, JasonUtility Technician IPublic
Miller, MarkJourney MechanicPublic
Mitchell, GentryUtility Tech IPublic
Nelson, HaydenUtility Technician IPublic
O'brien, WyattUtility Technician IPublic
Ottesen, JedUtility Technician IPublic
Peay, DaveHeavy Equipment OperatorPublic
Peterson, KellyElectric SuperintendentPublic
Pierce, CoryStaff EngineerPublic
Reid, TravisJourney LineworkerPublic
Roberts, EdUtility ForemanPublic
Robinson, JoshStaff Surveyor/DraftsmanPublic
Sabey, MaxFleet Manager & Solid Waste ServicesPublic
Saluone, LuaStaff Engineer - DesignPublic
Schardine, LouisUtility Technician IPublic
Schardine, WyattCollections OperatorPublic
Shepherd, BradyApprentice LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Smith, MarloDepartment SecretaryPublic
Sorensen, DennisTreatment Plant ManagerPublic
Stewart, MikeGIS/Surveyor InternPublic
Taylor, PaulWater ForemanPublic
Theurer, JakeOverhead ForemanPublic
Thompson, ChrisPublic Works DirectorPublic
Waldron, BrettApprentice LineworkerPublic WorksN/
Warren, TravisSurvey/DraftsmanPublic
Waters, JohnWater Division ManagerPublic
Whitelock, DanielSubstation TechnicianPublic
Winn, BenTreatment Plant Senior OperatorPublic
Woodhouse, WesleyGIS InternPublic
Bills, TitusCable
Bourne, TravisProducer / Director
Bowcut, JohnIS/SFCN
Bridges, Shaun Cable
Brown, MitchellCustomer Service Technician
Carter, MercedesDepartment
Coe, JeremyProgrammer
Creer, BryceCable
Davies, TreverCable
Durtschi, RussellSystems Analyst
Estepp, JacobIT Technician
Gardiner, HadleeCustomer Service Technician
Hansen, PeteCable Channel
Hayward, BryanProgrammer
Henderson, DanLead Headend
Hendrickson, ZacCable
Jeppesen, BrantCable
Lant, JonCable
Mackay, ChaseCustomer Service
Perry, BryanAssistant SFCN
Rosquist, ZackCustomer Service
Rymer, KaydenCable
Shepherd, CaseyCable
Taylor, BradyLead Cable
Aguilar, JoeNetwork EngineerSFCN
Jensen, ColeCable TechnicianSFCN
Riding, AustinCustomer Service Technician SFCN
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