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Outdoor Water Conservation

Utah Water Conservation Plan
Indoor Water Conservation

Water Conservation Tips

  • Avoid watering during the heat of day or during times of wind. This will reduce water loss to evaporation.
  • It is better to water during the heat of the day then when there is wind because wind will evaporate water 6 times faster than the sun.
  • As the weather changes adjust your watering schedule accordingly.
  • Aerate your lawn to increase the amount of water the ground soaks in. This is best done in the spring or fall.
  • Water your lawn separately from other landscaped areas.
  • Invest in a rain switch or moisture sensor.
  • Place mulch in planting beds to reduce evaporation.
  • Leave small grass clippings on the lawn as a nutrient source or invest in a mulching lawn mower.
  • Fertilize lawn in the late fall with a slow release fertilizer. Do not over fertilize.
  • Use hardscape landscaping such as patios, walks, statuary, pavers, etc.
  • Plant drought resistant trees and plants. Ask a local nursery about Utah-friendly landscape materials.
  • Control weeds. Weeds use a lot of water.
  • Increase the mowing height of your lawn mower. Longer grass grows deeper roots, uses less water and stands the stresses of hot dry weather better.
  • Use a shut-off spray nozzle on your hose to wash the car.
  • Clean driveways, patios and decks with a broom instead of a hose.
  • Check for leaks. A leaking sprinkler system or hose bib can waste a significant amount of water. To check for leaks turn everything off that uses water. Check your pressurized irrigation meter and write down the current reading (include tenths of a cubic foot). Then check the meter again after one hour. If the meter has changed you have a leak.

The following web sites will give you more information on water conservation:

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