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Street Maintenance

Level of Service Standards

The goal of the Public Works Department is to maintain the streets within the City with an adequate driving surface. Roughness, cracking, and skid resistance are to be within accepted standards in the Public Works industry. The recommended maintenance schedule for the streets should be as follows: Year 0, new pavement; Year 1, slurry seal; Year 7, chip seal; Year 14, slurry seal; Year 20, 2" overlay with petromat. Each year between scheduled maintenance should include chip sealing and patching as necessary.

The City also desires to maintain a good movement of traffic throughout, without any significant delays or impediments to flows. The present level of service is generally categorized as a Level "A", which is primarily free-flow operations at the average travel speed and unimpeded maneuvering in the traffic system. As the City continues to grow it is expected that this level of service will deteriorate somewhat, but the goal should be to maintain a Level of Service C. This represents stable operating conditions, however the ability to maneuver and change lanes at midblock will be restricted and longer queues will contribute to average travel speeds of about 50% of the average free-flow speeds.

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