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Construction Standards

Updated: March 2017
Printed Version Cost: $5.00

Purchase printed versions at the Engineering Office, 40 S Main St. Old versions of the standards can be traded for the updated version without a cost.

APWA Specifications & Standard Plans

General Standards
G-1Asphalt Restoration Deep Excavation and Utility Pothole Repairpdfdwg
G-2Utility Locations at Intersectionpdfdwg
G-3Utility Locations for Street Cross Sectionspdfdwg
G-4Utility Locations for Building Lotspdfdwg
G-5Type A & B Trail Sectionspdfdwg
G-6Type C & D Trail Sectionspdfdwg
G-7Type E Arterial / Collector Trail Sectionpdfdwg
G-8Type F Trail Secionspdfdwg
G-9Mow Strip and Curb Wallspdfdwg
G-10Parking Lotspdfdwg
G-11Clear Sight Trianglepdfdwg
G-12Tree Plantingpdfdwg
Water Standards
W-1Concrete Thrust Blocks for Pressure Pipepdfdwg
W-2Mechanical Restraining Devices for Teespdfdwg
W-3Mechanical Restraining Devices for Bendspdfdwg
W-4Mechanical Restraining Devices for Dead Endspdfdwg
W-5Mechanical Restraining Devices for Reducerspdfdwg
W-6Pressure Pipe Main Line Valvepdfdwg
W-7Pressurized Irrigation Combination Air, Vacuum and Release Valvepdfdwg
W-8Valve Collarspdfdwg
W-9Fire Hydrantpdfdwg
W-111" Water Servicepdfdwg
W-122" Water Servicepdfdwg
W-134" Water Servicepdfdwg
W-14Pressurized Irrigation Drainpdfdwg
W-151" Pressurized Irrigation Service Box and Lateralpdfdwg
W-162" Pressurized Irrigation Servicepdfdwg
W-174" Pressurized Irrigation Servicepdfdwg
Sewer Standards
SS-2Drop Manhole Cross Sectionpdfdwg
SS-3Sewer Manhole Flowspdfdwg
SS-4Sewer Servicepdfdwg
SS-5Manhole Sizingpdfdwg
Stormwater Standards
SD-1Storm Manholepdfdwg
SD-2Box Sizingpdfdwg
SD-3Cleanout Boxpdfdwg
SD-4Storm Water Inlet Boxpdfdwg
SD-5Low Impact Development (LID) Residential Street Inlet Boxpdfdwg
SD-6Low Impact Development (LID) For Residential Streetspdfdwg
SD-7R-Tank Pipe Bootpdfdwg
SD-8Low Impact Development (LID) Collector/Arterial/Commercial Street Grass Swale Inletpdfdwg
SD-9Low Impact Development (LID) Collector/Arterial/Commercial Street Tree Plantingpdfdwg
SD-10Sump Pump Drainpdfdwg
Streets Standards
ST-1Multi Family Sub-Local Streetpdfdwg
ST-2Residential Sub Local Streetpdfdwg
ST-3Residential Local Streetpdfdwg
ST-4Commercial Local 2 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-5Minor Collector Road 2 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-6Commercial Collector 3 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-7Collector Streetpdfdwg
ST-8Major Collector 3 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-9Minor Arterial 5 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-10Major Arterial 7 Lane Streetpdfdwg
ST-11Curb Gutterspdfdwg
ST-12Deep Gutterspdfdwg
ST-14Reduced Width Intersectionpdfdwg
ST-15Pedestrian Ramp Sidewalks with Planterspdfdwg
ST-16Corner Pedestrian Ramp for Combo Sidewalks Converting to Sidewalks with Planterspdfdwg
ST-17Corner Pedestrian Ramp Combination Sidewalkspdfdwg
ST-18Corner Pedestrian Ramp for Sidewalks Connecting to Trailspdfdwg
ST-19Mid Block Pedestrian Ramp Design Guidelinespdfdwg
ST-20Reduced Width Ramp Designpdfdwg
ST-21Driveway and Intersection Location for Local/Local Streetpdfdwg
ST-22Driveway and Intersection Location Local/Collector Streetpdfdwg
Electrical Standards
E-1Electric and Communications - Front Page Informationpdfdwg
E-2Electric and Communication Conduit Joint Trench Detailpdfdwg
E-3Conduit Routingpdfdwg
E-4Electrical Box Backfill & Compactionpdfdwg
E-5Secondary Junction Pedestalpdfdwg
E-6Single Phase Pad Mount Transformerpdfdwg
E-73 Phase Transformer & Concrete Padpdfdwg
E-8200-Amp 1 Phase Sectionalizerpdfdwg
E-9200-Amp 1 and 3 Phase Fiberglass Sectionalizerpdfdwg
E-10600 Amp 3 Phase Fiberglass Sectionalizerpdfdwg
E-11600 AMP PSE 9/11 Switchgearpdfdwg
E-12600 AMP PSE 3/5 Switchgearpdfdwg
E-13Secondary Pedestal - Wire and Connectionspdfdwg
E-14Street Light Pole Base Detailpdfdwg
E-15Decorative Street Light Pole and Fixturepdfdwg
E-16Residential Underground Service 200 Amps or Lesspdfdwg
E-17Residential Overhead Service 200 Amps or Lesspdfdwg
E-18Residential Overhead Service (Side View)pdfdwg
E-19Temporary Service for Overhead & Underground Linespdfdwg
E-20Residential Underground Service 400 Ampspdfdwg
E-213 Phase Underground Service 201-800 Ampspdfdwg
E-22Typical Riser Polepdfdwg
E-23Overhead Power Line Clearances Over 600 to 22,000 Voltspdfdwg
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