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2000 American La France Eagle

2000 American La France The newest tender is a 2000, American La France, Eagle, tilt cab 1,500 gpm, with a 2,000 gallon tank, often referred to as a water tender or tanker. This new truck has a 450 hp Cummins engine and an Allison automatic transmission. An enclosed cab seats a maximum of six firefighters. A 1,500 gpm deluge nozzle, 5,000 watt Honda generator and a 2,500 gallon portable water tank are included.

All the latest requirements from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) who dictate many specifications for fire trucks are included. All this for just less than $300,000. Also $30,000 in additional money was budgeted for the purchase of additional equipment such as the afore mentioned nozzle and portable water tank. Also purchased was SCBA's (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), hose, nozzles, portable lights, exhaust fan, and an array of miscellaneous hand tools.

As you can see, the price of safety equipment has taken some dramatic changes over the years. Granted they are much nicer than they were in the past as basics are now complimented with additional things. Things such as enclosed seating, additional headroom and air conditioning which can be very well appreciated during or after a hot fire in the middle of July of August.

We (firefighters) would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the citizens of this great community. Included are the elected and appointed officials and anyone else in the process to secure this new addition to the Spanish Fork Fire Department.


Antique Trucks

1952 American La France 700 Series Pumper

1952 Fire Truck This fine piece of firefighting equipment made its debut to Spanish Fork City, July of 1952, just in time for the City's 24th of July parade and celebrations. 1952 was also the year Spanish Fork City hosted the annual Utah State Fireman's Association convention, August 7-9, when this truck was proudly displayed at that time.

This truck "worked its heart out" with the volunteer firemen of Spanish Fork City, protecting its citizens and their properties. The same held true for many others in our surrounding communities which was served through our mutual aid.

This pumper truck has been placed at the Utah Museum of Fire Service History Firefighters Memorial Foundation in Tooele on display for you to admire, appreciate, and possibly bring back memories of a day gone by but with efforts like these, not forgotten.

This 1952 American La France 700 series pumper has seen a much more active duty life from 1952 through 2000, but we hope it will remain of great service for all who view it and it can continue public service for many years to come.

1937 American LaFrance Fire Truck

37 Fire Truck

On display at the fire station.

By Marvin Banks

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