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Emergency Procedures - Earthquake

Before An Earthquake

  1. Store Water and Food Supply
  2. Organize a 72-hour portable emergency kit.
  3. Bolt down or provide strong support for water heaters and other appliances.
  4. Consider earthquake insurance.

During an Earthquake

  2. If you are indoors, stay inside and find protection in a doorway, or crouch under a desk or table, away from windows or glass dividers; avoid masonry wall (brick) and chimneys (fireplaces).
  3. Outside: Stand away from buildings, trees, telephone and electric lines.
  4. On the Road: Drive away from underpasses/overpasses; stop in a safe area; stay in vehicle.
  5. In an Office Building: Stay next to a pillar or support column or under a heavy table or desk.

After an Earthquake

  1. Check for injuries. Provide first aid.
  2. Check for safety - gas, water, sewage breaks; check for downed electric lines; turn off interrupted utilities as necessary; check for building damage and potential safety problems during aftershocks, such as cracks around chimney and foundation; check for fires.
  3. Clean up dangerous spills.
  4. Wear Shoes.
  5. Tune radio to an emergency station and listen for instructions from public safety agencies.
  6. Use the telephone only for emergencies.
  7. As soon as possible, notify your family that you are okay.
  8. Do not use matches or open flames in the home until you are sure there are no gas leaks.
  9. Do not turn light switches off and on. Sparks created by the switch contacts can ignite gas fumes.
  10. In public buildings, follow evacuation procedures immediately and return only after the building has been declared safe by the appropriate authorities.
  11. Report damages or needs to your Neighborhood Coordinator.

Things You Need To Know

  1. How, where and when to turn off electricity, gas and water.
  2. First aid.
  3. Plan for reuniting your family.
  4. Plan and practice a family drill at least once a year.

Other Emergency Procedures

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