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AN - Annexation
CUP - Conditional Use Permit
FP - Final Plat
GP - General Plat Amendment
MP - Minor Plat Amendment
MS - Minor Subdivision Amendment
PP - Premiminary Plat
SP - Site Plan
ZA - Zone Change

2017 Completed Development Applications

All data accurate as of October 1, 2017

pdf350 South Generator Addition to Existing Cell Site CUP
pdf450 East ZA
pdf450 North and 45 East Zone Change
pdf7 + 7 Medical Office SP
pdfAnderson ZA
pdfAnthem Park Phase 1 FP
pdfAnthem Park Phase 2 FP
pdfAnthem Park Subdivision PP
pdfAnthem Park Subdivision ZA
pdfArctic Circle MP
pdfArctic Circle SP
pdfCaby Development MS
pdfCanyon Creek Phase 5 FP
pdfCanyon Creek Phase 5 Site Work
pdfCanyon Creek Phase 8 Site Work SP
pdfCanyon Creek Phase 8B FP
pdfCanyon Creek Shopping Center 9.7 SP
pdfCanyon Vista Estates Phase 4 FP
pdfCanyon Vista Estates Phase 4 RFP
pdfCanyon Vista Estates Plat E FP
pdfCasey Duplex SP
pdfCasey ZA
pdfCobblestone Towhomes ZA
pdfCobblestone Townhomes FP
pdfCobblestone Townhomes PP
pdfDiscount Tire SP
pdfEagle Cove Plat B RFP
pdfEagle Cove RPP
pdfGrifols SP
pdfGrotegut Subdivision MP
pdfHead Start Preschool SP
pdfKwok Plat A MS
pdfLandmark ZA
pdfLegacy Farms 3A RFP
pdfLegacy Farms C3 RFP
pdfLegacy Farms C4a FP
pdfLegacy Farms C4b FP
pdfLegacy Farms C4c FP
pdfMaple Highlands Ward SP
pdfMaple Mountain Estates Phase 3 FP
pdfMaple Mountain Estates RPP
pdfMaple Park Estates Plat A FP
pdfMaple Park Estates Plat B FP
pdfMaple Park Estates RPP
pdfMaple Park Estates ZA
pdfMark Wilson Properties SP
pdfMcKell Office Condominiums Plat A MP
pdfMcKell Office Condominiums Plat A SP
pdfMcinelly Estates Plat B MP
pdfMeadow Creek Ridge Townhomes PP
pdfMeadow Creek Ridge ZA
pdfMountain Country Addition SP
pdfNewport Village Phase 2 FP
pdfOld Mill Estates Plat H FP
pdfPanda Express SP
pdfPark View Townhome Phase 5 FP
pdfPark View Townhomes Phase 3 RFP
pdfPark View Townhomes Phase 4 FP
pdfPerez Townhomes PP
pdfPerez Townhomes ZA
pdfPro Build SP
pdfPublic Works Electrical Canopy SP
pdfPublic Works Steel Canopy SP
pdfRiver Point RPP
pdfRobarge Collision SP
pdfSpanish Fork Airport Hangars SP
pdfSpanish Trails Plat F MP
pdfSunny Ridge MP
pdfVincent Ridge Plat C MP
pdfWalmart Signage Plan PSP
pdfWarner Annexation
pdfWeavers Vineyard PP
pdfWeavers Vineyard ZA
pdfWhite Rail Plat E FP
pdfWhite Rail Plat F FP
pdfWiggy Wash MS
pdfWiggy Wash Phase 3 Plat A FP
pdfWiggy Wash SP 1-25-17
pdfWiggy Wash SP 3-15-17
pdfWiggy Wash SP

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