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AN - Annexation
CUP - Conditional Use Permit
FP - Final Plat
GP - General Plat Amendment
MP - Minor Plat Amendment
MS - Minor Subdivision Amendment
PP - Premiminary Plat
SP - Site Plan
ZA - Zone Change

All data accurate as of January 1, 2016

pdf10th Street Professional Building SP
pdf300 North Accessory Apartment
pdf600 East Accessory Apartment CUP
pdfAcademy Park Phase 3 FP
pdfBeehive Homes Addition CUP
pdfCanyon Creek Shopping Center Phase 4 Lot 1 Site Plan
pdfCanyon Creek Shopping Center I-1 to C-2 ZA
pdfCanyon Vista Estates Re-approval PP
pdfCedric Evans MS
pdfCornaby Railing addition SP
pdfDavis Estate Change ZA
pdfDevaney Annexation
pdfEagle Cove Plat A
pdfEagle Cove PP
pdfEagle Cove ZA
pdfEagle Nest FP
pdfEagle Nest PP
pdfHarris Farm MS
pdfHawk's Landing FP
pdfHawk's Landing PP
pdfJFM Hangars SP
pdfJoAnn's at Northgate Shopping Center FP
pdfLegacy Farms 13A FP
pdfLegacy Farms 2A FP
pdfLegacy Farms C1-C2 FP
pdfLegacy Farms PP
pdfLegacy Farms ZA
pdfLudlow ZA
pdfMaple Mountian E-4 FP
pdfMaple Mountain Estates Revised PP 4-21-15
pdfMaple Mountain Estates Revised PP 10-20-15
pdfMaple Mountain Townhomes F1 & F2 FP
pdfMaple Mountain Townhomes H1 & H2 FP
pdfMayfield Approved 03-25-2015 MP
pdfMayfield Approved 05-06-2015 MP
pdfMCF Warehouse SP
pdfMeadow Creek Ridge Phase 1 FP
pdfMeadow Creek Ridge PP
pdfNorth Springs Business Park SP
pdfOkleberry Trucking SP
pdfOld Mill Plat E
pdfOld Mill Plat F FP
pdfPark View Townhomes Phase 1 FP
pdfPark View Townhomes Phase 2 FP
pdfPark View Townhomes PP
pdfPark View Townhomes ZA
pdfRiver Cove Plat E
pdfRiver Cove Plat G
pdfRiver Cove Plat H
pdfSF Public Works Building SP
pdfSpanish Fork Hangar SP
pdfStorage Unit I-1 to I-2 ZA
pdfThe Ridge at Spanish Fork RFP
pdfThe Ridge Phase 1 FP
pdfTownhomes at Maggie's Bend FP
pdfTownhomes at Maggie's Bend PP
pdfTownhomes at Maggie's Bend ZA
pdfUtah County Dispatch SP
pdfVerizon Cell Tower CUP
pdfVeterinary Lab SP
pdfVivint Wireless Cell Tower CUP
pdfWhite Rail Plat D Re-approval FP
pdfYoung Living Building Expansion SP
pdfYoung Living MP
pdfYSA Stake FS, Spanish Fork Utah For the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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