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2014 Completed Development Applications

All data accurate as of January 1, 2015

pdfA Top Auto Sales Site Plan
pdfAcademy Park Final Plat Phase 1
pdfAcademy Park Final Plat Phase 2
pdfAcademy Park Preliminary Plat
pdfAcademy Park Zone Change Application
pdfAT&T 350 South Conditional Use Permit
pdfAT&T Center Street Conditional Use Permit
pdfCerna Zone Change Application
pdfCanyon Creek Shopping Center Phase 4 Lot 6 and 7 Site Plan
pdfCanyon Vista Estates Preliminary Plat
pdfCardon Dental Office Ste Plan
pdfChick-fil-A SP
pdfCulver's Restaurant Site Plan
pdfElsie S. Thomas Annexation
pdfExpressway Square Shopping Center Minor Plat Amendment
pdfGood Earth - Canyon Creek Shopping Center Phase 2, Lot 4 Site Plan
pdfGreen Acers Estate Plat E Minor Plat Amendment
pdfIsaacs Landing Preliminary Plat
pdfIsaacs Landing Zone Change Application
pdfJoAnns at Northgate Final Plat
pdfJoAnns at Northgate Site Plan
pdfJoe Harris Zone Change
pdfLudlow Farms Condominiums Final Plat
pdfMaple Heights Plat B Minor Plat Amendment
pdfMaple Highlands Plat F Final Plat
pdfMaple Mountain E-3 FP
pdfMaple Mountain Estates Preliminary Plat
pdfMaple Mountain Final Plat J Final Plat
pdfMaple Mountain Final Plat M Final Plat
pdfMaple Mountain Plat G Final Plat
pdfMark Willison Subdivision Waiver
pdfMattress Firm - Canyon Creek Phase 2, Lot 3 Site Plan
pdfMayfield Subdivision Final Plat
pdfMayfield Subdivision Preliminary Plat
pdfMayfield Zone Change
pdfMecham Subdivision
pdfMuhlestein Meadows Final Plat
pdfMuhlestein Meadows Preliminary Plat
pdfNebo Credit Union Site Plan
pdfNorth Star Building Addition Site Plan
pdfOld Mill Plat C Final Plat
pdfOld Mill Plat E Final Plat
pdfOld Mill Subdivision Plat D Final Plat
pdfRiver Cove Final Plat E
pdfRiver Cove Final Plat G
pdfRiver Cove Final Plat H
pdfRiver Cove Preliminary Plat
pdfRiver Point Preliminary Plat
pdfRiver Point Zone Change
pdfRock Cove Plat B Final Plat
pdfSkyhawk Condominiums Final Plat
pdfSpanish Highlands Estates Plat D Final Plat
pdfSpanish Trails Townhomes Plat D Final Plat
pdfSpanish Trails Townhomes Plat D Preliminary Plat
pdfStillman Annexation
pdfStillman ZA
pdfThe Ridge at Spanish Fork Preliminary Plat
pdfThe Ridge Zone Change Application
pdfThe Ridge General Plan Change
pdfTrailside Subdivision Final Plat
pdfTrailside Subdivision Preliminary Plat
pdfTrailside Subdivision Zone Change
pdfVerizon Wireless 65' monopole Conditional Use Permit
pdfVerizon Wireless 78' monopole Conditional Use Permit
pdfVerizon Wireless Modification Conditional Use Permit
pdfWalgreens Site Plan
pdfWalker Mortuary Addition Site Plan
pdfWapiti Plat C MA
pdfWarner Subdivision
pdfWarner Subdivision Final Plat
pdfWest Gate Manor Plat E Final Plat
pdfWhite Rail Overlook Plat D Final Plat
pdfWhite Rail Subdivision Preliminary Plat

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