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2012 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions are now posted in a different location. You may access them at the following link on the policies tab:

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ORD 01-12800 West Street Vacation
ORD 02-12Amending Provisions of the Noise Abatement Ordinance
ORD 03-12Vacating a Partial Easement Along the Spanish Fork River
ORD 04-12Amending Conditions for Treatment Centers in Existing Vacant Buildings
ORD 05-12Amend the Animal Provisions of the Zoning Code
ORD 07-12Amend Titles 2, 4 & 7
ORD 08-12Amend the Code Concerning Storm Water, Energy & create a Telecommunications Utility
ORD 09-12Vacating 400 South Street At Approximately 800 East
ORD 10-12Miscellaneous Changes to Title 15
ORD 11-12Establishing the Right to Keep Potbellied Pigs, Setting the Regulations, and Other Minor Amendments
ORD 12-12Text Amendments to the Commercial Downtown Zone making Churches a Conditional Use
ORD 13-12Abandoning a Public Access Easement on Lot 20, Canyon View Subdivision Plat B
ORD 14-12Amendments to the Land Use Ordinance
ORD 15-12Amending The Business License & Home Occupation Regulations
ORD 16-12Updating the Municipal Code to comply with changes in the State Code concerning alcohol sales to minors
RES 12-01Approving Council Rules of Order
RES 12-02Proclaiming Arbor Day
RES 12-03Authorizing the Purchase or the Initiation & Filing of a Condemnation Action
RES 12-04Authorizing the Issuance & Sale of Not More than $4,100,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Water Revenue Bonds
RES 12-05Authorizing the Purchase or Initiation & Filing of a Condemnation
RES 12-06Amend the Personnel Policy
RES 12-07Authorizing the Electric Superintendent to Enter into Contracts for Net Metering
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