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2003 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions are now posted in a different location. You may access them at the following link on the policies tab:

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ORD 01-03Amending Permitted Uses in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zone
ORD 02-03Amending the Parking Requirements on Main Street
ORD 03-03Amending the Parking Requirements on Main Street
ORD 04-03Amendments to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
ORD 05-03Amending the Plan Review Fees Set Forth in the Municipal Code
ORD 06-03Prohibiting the use of Fireworks in Certain Areas of SFC
ORD 07-03Amending the Rebuild Requirements for a Legal Nonconforming Accessory Building
ORD 08-03Clarifying the Power & Duties of the City Manager
ORD 09-03Repealing Winter Parking Restrictions
ORD 10-03Amending Various Sections of the Spanish Fork Municipal Code Pertaining to Utilities
ORD 11-03Amendments to the General Plan Map Relating to Density Designations
ORD 12-03Vacating an Unimproved Street Located at Approximately 435 East Scenic Drive
ORD 13-03Amendments to the General Plan Map Relating to Main Street
ORD 14-03Amendments to the General Plan Map Relating to the Commercial Areas
ORD 15-03Amendments to the Permitted Uses in the I-1 Light Industrial Zone
ORD 16-03Amendments to the General Plan Map, Including the Growth Boundary Amendment
RES 03-01Modifying the Building Restrictions
RES 03-02Declaring the need for the Housing Authority of Utah County to Operate within SFC
RES 03-03Authorizing the Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation Identifying the Geographical Description of the City
RES 03-04Authorizing the Use of 2003 Allocation of Home Funds & Community Housing Development
RES 03-05Execution of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement to form a Consortium to Conduct a US Housing & Urban Development Home Program for Federal Fiscal Year
RES 03-06Authorizing a Discount on Utility Bills for Active Military Personnel
RES 03-07Adjusting the Fees for Traffic School
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