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2000 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions are now posted in a different location. You may access them at the following link on the policies tab:

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ORD 01-00Amending the Duties of Private Club License Holders
ORD 02-00Amending the Billboard Requirements of Spanish Fork City
ORD 03-00Regulating Public Parades and Similar Special Events
ORD 04-00Amending the Requirements of Pawn Brokers and Secondhand, Junk, and Antiques Dealers
ORD 05-00Amending the Accessory Building Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance
ORD 06-00Amending the Solid Waste Requirements of Spanish Fork City to Allow for Recycling
ORD 07-00Amendments to the General Plan Zoning Designations
ORD 08-00Enacting Sales & Use Tax of 1/4% to be used for Construction & Maintenance of Highways Under the Jurisdiction of Spanish Fork City
ORD 09-00Amendments to the General Plan Zoning Designations-Jim Nielsen
ORD 10-00Drinking Water Source Protection
ORD 11-00Approval of Rules Governing Participation & Preference by Owners, Operators of Businesses & Tenants within a Redevelopment, Economic Development or Ed
ORD 12-00Amendments to the Comprehensive General Plan
ORD 13-00Adopting the Gateway Economic Development Project Area Plan
RES 00-01Authorizing Ambulance Billing Personnel to Execute Assignments to Utah County
RES 00-02Approving the Amended & Restated Agr for Joint & Cooperative Action with SUVP & Appointment of Sp Fork Representative to the SUVP Board
RES 00-03Ratifying the Storm Drain Cooperative Agreement with UDOT
RES 00-04Agreeing to the Provisions of 21st Century Communities Program
RES 00-05Authorizing the Use of 2000 Allocation of Home Funds & Community Housing Development
RES 00-06Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract with the UDOT for the Engineering Design Work for the bridge rebuild at the Powerhouse Road & the Golf
RES 00-07Authorizing the Mayor to convey a non-build easement with Longview Fibre Company
RES 00-08Authorizing Water & Sewer Impact Fee Connection Credits in Return for a Public Utility Easement
RES 00-09Authorizing the Purchase of the Initiation & Filing of a Condemnation Action...
RES 00-10Proclaiming Arbor Day
RES 00-11Proclaiming Letter Carriers Food Drive Day
RES 00-12Proclaiming Firefighter Appreciation Day
RES 00-13Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a Second Addendum Interlocal Agreement
RES 00-14Supporting a MOU between the South UT Valley Municipal Water Assoc. & the Central UT Water Conservancy District
RES 00-15Notice that SFC will not accept Preliminary Plat Applications Effective May 3, 2000
RES 00-16Declaring the week of May 21, 2000 as Family Week
RES 00-17Authorizing the Issuance & Sale of not more than $10,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Electric Revenue Bonds
RES 00-18Authorizing the Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation Identifying the Geographical Description of the City
RES 00-19Authorizing an Election for the purpose of withdrawing from the Utah Transit Authority
RES 00-20Authorizing a Ballot Proposition for a 1/4% Sales Tax for Construction & Maintenance of Highways under the jurisdiction of SFC
RES 00-21Proclaiming the Week of September 3, 2001 as Utah Western Heritage Week
RES 00-22Approving & Authorizing the Execution of the Memorandum of Agreement with the Housing Authority of UT County
RES 00-23Finalizing the Terms & Conditions of the Issuance & Sale by the Issuer of its Electric Revenue Bonds
RES 00-24Appointing Two Representatives to serve on the Taxing Agency Committee for the SF Redevelopment Agency
RES 00-25Approving the Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
RES 00-26Appointing an Alternate to serve on the Taxing Agency Committee for the SF Redevelopment Agency
RES 00-28Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement for Serious Habitual Youth Offenders
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