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1999 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions are now posted in a different location. You may access them at the following link on the policies tab:

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ORD 01-99Repealing & Reenacting the Spanish Fork Purchasing System
ORD 02-99Amending the Chapter on Signs in the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
ORD 03-99Amending the General Plan to Add a Moderate Income Housing Element
ORD 05-99Amending the Accessory Building Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance
ORD 06-99Enhancing the Enforcement Ability for Illegally Parked Trucks
ORD 07-99Creating a Storm Water Drainage Utility
ORD 08-99Impact Fee Enactment
ORD 09-99Amending the Subdivision Ordinance & Development Standards of Spanish Fork City
ORD 10-99Allowing the Public Works Department to Enforce Fugitive Dust & Emissions Violations By Issuing Citations
ORD 11-99Amending the Subdivision Ordinance & Construction & Development Standards
ORD 12-99Allowing for the Termination of Water Service
ORD 13-99Amending the Zoning Ordinance to Allow Rock Crushers as a Conditional Use Permit with a Surface Mining Overlay in the I-3 Zone
ORD 14-99Amending Regulations on the Sale of Beer
ORD 15-99Amending the Requirements to Obtain a Business License
ORD 16-99Amending Various Provisions of the Zoning Ordinance
ORD 17-99Amending the Outdoor Burning Requirement
ORD 18-99Amending the Subdivision Ordinance as it concerns the Construction & Development Standards with regard to Fencing Requirements on Reverse Frontage Lot
ORD 19-99Amendments to the General Plan Zoning Designations(Jex/Barber)
RES 99-01Making Appointments to the UMPA Board of Directors
RES 99-02Approving the Form of the Lease/Purchase Agreement with Zions First National Bank, SLC, UT & Authorizing the Execution & Delivery Thereof
RES 99-03Approving & Authorizing the Execution of the Amendments & Addeda to the Mountainland Association of Governments Interlocal Cooperation Agreement
RES 99-05Proclaiming the Week of April 26, 1999 Seat Belt Awareness Week
RES 99-06Requiring the Transfer of Water Upon Development
RES 99-07Proclaiming Letter Carriers Food Drive Day
RES 99-08Proclaiming Municipal Clerks Week
RES 99-09Adopting Plan Check Fees
RES 99-10Proclaiming May 1999 National Scholarship Month
RES 99-11Authorizing the Entry into & Execution of a Chip Spreader Interlocal Agreement
RES 99-12Authorizing the Entry into & Execution of a Paint Striper Interlocal Agreement
RES 99-13Approving & Authorizing the Execution of an Interlocal Agreement for the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force
RES 99-14Approving the Adoption of an Interlocal Agrement with Utah County to Fight Fires
RES 99-15Establishing Uniform Nonresident Recreation Fees
RES 99-16Proclaiming October 1999 Utah County Pedestrian Safety Month
RES 99-17Proclaiming October 1999 Domestic Violence Awareness Month
RES 99-18Authorizing the Imposition of Inspection Fees
RES 99-19Authorizing the Fairgrounds Manager to Enter into Stall Lease Agreements without Authorization of the City Council
RES 99-20Recognizing Thora Leifson Shaw for her Outstanding Service on the Spanish Fork City Council
RES 99-21Recognizing Clyde A. Swenson for his Outstanding Service on the Spanish Fork City Council
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