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Legal Research Links

Basic Legal Research Links

List of Federal Resources List of State Resources Utah Legal Resources

Federal Resources

Judicial Materials Legislative Materials Administrative Materials
United States Supreme Court Decisions
Legal Information Institute: Hermes
FindLaw U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
FLITE (U.S. Reports volumes 300-422 (1937-1975))
GPO Access
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
The U.S. Legislative Branch: Library of Congress
GPO Access
The U.S. Executive Branch: Library of Congress
The White House
United States Circuit Court Decisions
First Circuit
Second Circuit
Third Circuit
Fourth Circuit
Fifth Circuit
Sixth Circuit
Seventh Circuit
Eighth Circuit
Ninth Circuit
Tenth Circuit:
Oct. 1997-present
Eleventh Circuit
D.C. Circuit
Federal Circuit
U.S. Code
GPO Access
Legal Information Institute
Federal Register
GPO Access
United States Circuit Court Locater Services
U.S. Federal Court Finder
The Federal Court Locator
LII: Search all U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Opinions on the Internet
Bills/Bill Tracking
GPO Access
Code of Federal Regulations
GPO Access
Legal Information Institute
District Courts
District Court Locator (scroll down to view)
Congressional Record
GPO Access

State Resources

StateLaw: State and Local Government Information--Washlaw
State and Local Government on the Net--Piper Resources
American Law Sources On-Line--State Subdivision
Practicing Attorneys Home Page--State Subdivision
State Court Locator--Villanova
Municipal Codes Online
Utah State Courts
Utah State Courts Forms
Utah Property Rights
Land Use Primer

Utah Legal Resources

Utah State Home Page
Utah State Legislature
Utah Code
Guide on How to Research Utah State Legislative Intent and Legislative History
Utah State Courts
Utah Supreme Court and Appellate Court Information (includes some opinions)
Utah State Court Forms
Utah Attorney General's Office
Utah State Agencies
Utah Administrative Code
Utah Administrative Rules Online
Utah State Tax Commission
Helpful Resource Pamphlets from the Utah State Archives
Utah State Bar Public Resources
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