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City Directory Jim Garside
Name: Jim Garside

Brief Bio:

Jim grew up in a small farming community of Raymond Alberta Canada where He was call to serve in the Utah Provo Mission. As Jim quickly found out Utah is a great place to be. 10 years ago, Jim married Leslie Sorensen from Oak City, Utah and currently have 3 children - Gunner 8, Avery 5, and Linkon 3. Jim & Leslie have lived in Spanish Fork for the past 5 years loving the safety of a tight knit community. "We couldn't find a better place to raise our family." Jim is a self employed water rights expert and is deeply involved in water politics at all levels of government.

Why Are You Running For Spanish Fork City Council?

As we look to the future of our great City, I believe all leaders and citizens hope and expect it will be future of growth and prosperity. I intend to ensure this future by keeping the role government within the realms of its proper function. The fine Citizens of Spanish Fork deserve the highest quality of care our city can offer in our limited roles as public servants. People deserve to know the facts and how our decisions as public servants will affect their families. I will do everything within my power to keep the faith with the sovereign citizens of this city of whom I hope to have the privilege of serving.

Please visit and view my slide show.

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